The Perfect Driftwood Box

driftwood box crop.jpg

“I still feel so fortunate the day I bumped into Angela at our local Holiday Crafts Fair in Pacifica. Angela created handmade planter boxes with found driftwood and objects. I asked if she was selling any of her custom boxes and she explained that was her hobby, her real job was a Real Estate Agent. I realized Angela was exactly what I needed that day we met. I was in the middle of a divorce and needed a home to rent quickly. Angela was able to think creatively and found the perfect short-term rental with views of the ocean.

When it came time for me to take the next steps to purchase a home inventory was low. Angela took the time to understand my needs, worked tirelessly, and gave me solid advice when I needed it most. I fell in-love with a fixer-upper and Angela, concerned the home might be a bigger bite than I could handle, put me in touch with a general contractor. He gave me an overview of the future time/expenses and with that information I realized we needed to keep looking. One week later Angela called to tell me a new house came on the market and it was a much better fit for my new life. She was right, I sit here today with neighbors my children and I have dinner parties, carpool to school, and surf at the beach with. I also think I have the craftiest planter box in town! Thanks Angela for creating a box that I can add too as I find driftwood with my children on the beach."

– Katharine A

The Home We Grew Up In

"When my mother was alive I was grateful Angela was her neighbor. She was there to help my mother with the occasional drive to the doctors or grocery delivery. More than anything Angela was a patient ear for my mother, always listening with generosity and solid advice. 

After my mother died her home was left vacant for two years, I no longer lived in the area and Angela held my hand through it all! From repairs because of deferred maintenance, to helping me find the resources for my mother's complicated trust. Hiring Angela was the best decision I made, we got $200,000 over our asking price."

– Liz E   

Above And Beyond

“Angela did so much more for us than just selling our parents home. Being out of the area sellers she helped us with some many things in getting the house ready to sell, painting, gardening, dump runs, she even helped us sell a few items. She is very dedicated, high energy, let's get this done kind of person. We couldn't have done it without her help. She has so many resources and knows so many people and businesses in the area that there wasn't a problem she couldn't help us solve. If you want a true partner in selling your home Angela is you kind of agent.”

– Phil and Terri L

A Second Chance

“I lived in Palo Alto for 30 years with my late husband where we raised our now four grown children. Although Palo Alto was a wonderful place, it did not have the sense of community for me that I have come to know in Pacifica.

 When Leo and I met we found we had so much in common. We had both lost our spouses after long and happy marriages. Leo introduced me to Pacifica where we love to hike and enjoy nature. Pacifica provides a natural setting for photography and bird watching that we also enjoy. At home, we cook and garden together.

 During one of our walks, we stumbled upon a great house for sale in an incredible location. Leo reached out to Angela and she immediately got us in for a tour. It was love at first site with a sweeping view of the ocean, Linda Mar beach, and the entire northern coastline.

I had done some research and knew I was eligible for prop 90, a great benefit for senior homeowners. It allows one to bring the existing property taxes from the home you sell to the new home. The first step in qualifying for this benefit was to quickly sell my existing home. Angela was able to negotiate the contract so that I had more time to sell my home in Palo Alto. Angela's experience and knowledge helped close the deal.

Buying our dream home had some twists and turns along the way. The sellers were in their late nineties and had to move out of state to be closer to family. When it came time to sign documents, Angela’s training as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist helped with the successful sale of their home.

Leo and I look forward to spending the rest of our lives in our new home."

– Kris G