My Value Proposition


  • Expertise in local market for all forms of housing and commercial properties. I have viewed more than 1000 properties throughout the Bay Area. 

  • Understand the dynamics of buyers and sellers– so I can best position you to achieve your goals. 

  • Skillful in the mechanics and logistics of purchase and seller transactions.

  • Navigate the sometimes confusing and challenging pathways to a successful closing. 


  • Understand your needs, desires and goals.

  • Identify the appropriate home or buyer.

  • Understand the goals and needs of the person on the opposite end of the transaction.

  • Recognize problems with a home to assist you to determine if and how it can be repaired and the impact on pricing.

  • Understand the appropriate price for a home.

  • Implement steps to maximize or reduce a sale price.

  • Get the deal done!

Access / Communication

  • Available to communicate day or night.

  • Available to tour a home or group of homes around your schedule.

  • Available to act as a conduit and facilitator to help you achieve your goals.